Tenā Koe.

Welcome to The AI Marae.

Embark on a world-first educational odyssey with Doug Healey, an AI trailblazer, in a course that uniquely combines the timeless wisdom of Te Ao Māori with groundbreaking artificial intelligence, centered around an AI entity named Nanny Polly.

Nanny Polly, an advanced AI designed to embody the nurturing and wisdom of a Marae caretaker, guides participants through this transformative journey.

This course not only delves into AI, AI Artwork, AI eCommerce, and AI Algorithms but does so through the lens of Te Ao Maori, with Nanny Polly at the helm, managing the virtual space known as The AI Marae.

The AI Marae, a digital meeting ground, serves as a learning hub and a virtual embodiment of Maori values and principles, overseen by Nanny Polly.

Nanny Polly facilitates learning, encourages exploration, and provides insights, embodying the Maori principles of guardianship and wisdom.

Hi, I'm Doug

"Serving our people and this great nation by providing opportunities that change lives forever."

I created this artwork to be free for my people, to use as they saw fit, with no watermarks and no strings attached.

Because of the overwhelming feedback and requests to teach others how to do this, I have created these courses and I also mentor and coach live on Zoom.

To ensure that generation after generation has access to these skills, I have put all my courses in one place so that no-one misses out.

Doug Healey - Creator of The AI Marae

The AI Artwork Course

Learn how Doug created all his artwork using ChatGPT and DALL-E, then evolved into using Midjourney and Discord to create deeper levels of connection in his artwork. Doug will teach you the basics of AI Prompting and how this all works, so that you can create works of AI art, like the images below.

Once you learn how to create the artwork, you can utilize the images in many different ways but there is no more powerful way to utilize AI Artwork and Culture, than to tell stories. You can do this through writing books and stories, or using your artwork in videos. But you can't do that without the artwork. Purchase the course below and join us on The AI Marae.

Matariki - A Live Case Study

Matariki, is Māori New Year here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The legend of Matariki and her 8 daughters can be told now in Artwork and video. Enjoy the images and video below.

As you can see, once you have created the AI Artwork, you are only limited by your imagination!

Click the button below and join us on The AI Marae!

*Music Credit: Stan Walker 'I AM' Video from a Facebook Reel with music authorised.

AI e-Commerce - Earning An Income

Once you understand how to create AI Images, there are multiple ways to earn an income using your new AI Artwork skills and for those that are wanting to learn how to become entrepreneurs and make a business, you can learn about how to influence the AI Algorithim in our advanced course.

Learn How To Make Income With AI!

There are many ways to make income using the skills you learned in The AI Marae Artwork Course.

Click the button below and we'll start you on the journey of linking those skills with earning online income!

AI Masterclasses With Doug

For the serious students who want to undergo a Masterclass with Doug directly, can book a 1:1 with him via the button below. You can perfect your artwork, earn money online and influence the algorithim.

To book a Masterclass with Doug, click the button below.